We’re here to help you with all your university business mailing needs!

It’s our job to support the university’s academic, administrative, and service units and students by delivering mail and providing related services in a timely, cost effective, and efficient manner.

USPS Fees Increase on Parcels

Effective April, 2022 USPS will institute a nonstandard fee attributed to parcels that must be sorted manually when packaging exceeds sorting requirements. Packages with a length exceeding 22″ will have a $4.00 surcharge, packages with length exceeding 30″ will have $15.00 surcharge, and packages over 2 cubic feet will have a $15.00 surcharge.

We will be adding a $1.50 fee to packages exceeding one cubic foot or that have a length greater than 22″ for parcels that did not have dimensions provided or accurately measured.

Know before you send

We operate under the Private Express Statues (PES)– a set of federal civil and criminal laws that direct the carriage and delivery of mail by organizations other than the United States Postal Service (USPS).

This means we only carry and deliver bona fide university business mail via Campus Mail and Intra-campus mail. We cannot deliver personal correspondence like greeting cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, or gifts, solicitations, commercial sales merchandise, etc.

If we receive mail that violates PES statutes, it will be returned to the sender. If the return address cannot be determined, the mail piece(s) will be opened at Mail Services to identify the sender and returned to that individual or retrieved from the dead letter file by the sender.